Your Crayon Lipstick New

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01 Scarlett O'Hara (Red)01 Scarlett O'Hara (Red)
02 Mary Poppins (Fuchsia)02 Mary Poppins (Fuchsia)
03 Poison Ivy (Wine)03 Poison Ivy (Wine)
04 Holly Golightly (Nude)04 Holly Golightly (Nude)
05 Rose Dawson (Rose Pink)05 Rose Dawson (Rose Pink)
06 Coraline Jones (Orange Coral)06 Coraline Jones (Orange Coral)
07 Viola (Mauve Nude)07 Viola (Mauve Nude)
08 Jackie Brown (Reddish Brown)08 Jackie Brown (Reddish Brown)
09 Princess Peach (Peach)09 Princess Peach (Peach)
10 Cherry Darling (Cherry Red)10 Cherry Darling (Cherry Red)
11 Elle Woods (Brown Nude)11 Elle Woods (Brown Nude)
12 Baby Houseman (Deep Pink)12 Baby Houseman (Deep Pink)
13 Murphy Brown (Chocolate Burgundy)13 Murphy Brown (Chocolate Burgundy)
14 Violet Crawley (Smokey Violet)14 Violet Crawley (Smokey Violet)
15 Stephanie Plum (Plum Mauve)15 Stephanie Plum (Plum Mauve)
16 Claire Underwood (Burnt Orange)16 Claire Underwood (Burnt Orange)
17 Brandy Harrington (Rusty Reddish Pink)17 Brandy Harrington (Rusty Reddish Pink)
18 Rosalind (Nude Rose)18 Rosalind (Nude Rose)
19 Emma Woodhouse (Earthy Brown)19 Emma Woodhouse (Earthy Brown)
20 Buffy Summers (Mid-tone Warm Nude)20 Buffy Summers (Mid-tone Warm Nude)
21 Rose Tyler (Light Fuchsia/Deep Rose)21 Rose Tyler (Light Fuchsia/Deep Rose)
22 Donna Pinciotti (Magenta Pink)22 Donna Pinciotti (Magenta Pink)
23 Jessica Day (Dusty Coral)23 Jessica Day (Dusty Coral)
24 Rachel Berry (Deep Berry)24 Rachel Berry (Deep Berry)
25 Lily Aldrin (Mauve Pink)25 Lily Aldrin (Mauve Pink)
26 Vianne Rocher (Deep Chocolate Brown)26 Vianne Rocher (Deep Chocolate Brown)
27 Sunny Randall (Warm-toned light coral)27 Sunny Randall (Warm-toned light coral)
28 Honey Rider (Deep Peach Pink)28 Honey Rider (Deep Peach Pink)
29 Molly Brown (Peachy brown / Orange toned brown)29 Molly Brown (Peachy brown / Orange toned brown)
30 Lillian Rose (Magenta / Bright Fuchsia)30 Lillian Rose (Magenta / Bright Fuchsia)
31 Poppy Adams (Raspberry Pink)31 Poppy Adams (Raspberry Pink)
32 Miss Rosa (Dusky Rose)32 Miss Rosa (Dusky Rose)
33 Pepper Anderson (Orangey red / Tomato red)33 Pepper Anderson (Orangey red / Tomato red)
34 Cherry Ames (Cool toned red)34 Cherry Ames (Cool toned red)
35 Claire Redfield (Pure red)35 Claire Redfield (Pure red)
36 Veronica Mars (Brown Toned Burnt Orange)36 Veronica Mars (Brown Toned Burnt Orange)
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