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Give your lips that otherworldly oomph that they deserve with the utterly stunning, limited-edition SUGAR Lipbox. A luxurious vault with seven lip essentials to give you that irresistible pout, the SUGAR Lipbox is a major must-have in your makeup stash. This uber-classy box is tailored in a rose purple shade and comes with a cushioned base to lend that extravagant appeal right at first sight – now own these 7 lip vitals to rock any and every look on the block. With colours ranging from bolds to nudes to browns which go with every skin tone, this box is worthy of being an asset. Make it yours now or use it as the most perfect and chicest gift option – this Lipbox will always stay en vogue!

Checkout the seven lip products that are perfect for pouts on the go.

1 x Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick
Choose from:

  •        01 Scarlett O'Hara
  •        04 Holly Golightly (Nude)
  •        12 Baby Houseman

 1 x Click Me Up Velvet Lipstick
Choose from:

  •        02 Raunchy Rose
  •        03 Foxy Fawn
  •        08 Smoking Sienna

 1 x Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick
Choose from:

  •        02 Red Rush
  •        09 Royal Redding 
  •        11 Peach Bunny 

 1 x It's A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick
Choose from:

  •        02 Breaking Bare
  •        06 Peachy Little Liars 
  •        09 Better Call Salmon

 1 x Smudge me not liquid lipstick
Choose from:

  •        01 Brazen Raisin  
  •        03 Tan Fan
  •        08 Wine And Shine
  •        10 Drop Dead Red
  •        13 Wooed By Nude
  •        17 Fiery Berry

 1 x Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour
Choose from:

  •        01 Muslin Mauve
  •        02 Plush Pink
  •        06 Taffeta Terracotta
 1 x Lip Primer