Gloss Boss 24hr Eyeliner 01 Back In Black (black) + Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick 10 The Plum Diary (Vibrant Deep Berry) Value Set

Introducing All New Value Set

1. Gloss Boss 24HR Eyeliner 01 Back In Black (Black)


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Introducing All New Value Set

1. Gloss Boss 24HR Eyeliner 01 Back In Black (Black)

Eye makeup enthusiasts rejoice! With its incredible shine and luxurious finish, please put your lids together for the SUGAR Gloss Boss 24HR Eyeliner - a highly-pigmented, lavish eyeliner that dries instantly and leaves you with an intense, smudgeproof look for 24 straight hours. Survives sweat, water and envious glares - this liner comes with an easy-to-use applicator that will help you pull off a wide array of looks from beginner flicks to pro tricks. Pick one up today and dial up the eye drama a couple of notches right away! 

How To Use: Shake well before use. Immerse the applicator with the eyeliner pigment and brush off any excess product before application. Start thick at the outer corner of the eye, stamping small dots on the edge, tapering in closer to the inner corners of your eye by using the bottom lash line as a guide. And voila! You have officially unlocked the easiest way to ace the classiest doe–eyed look! To remove, use cotton pads soaked in make-remover or warm water and gently wipe it off. 

Benefits: The intensely-pigmented SUGAR GLOSS BOSS 24HR Eyeliner delivers 100% opaque colour in one single stroke. The smudgeproof formula guarantees 24 hours high-shine that settles immediately on application and doesn’t budge or transfer even when it interacts to water or sweat. Goof-proof felt-tip applicator that makes drawing the perfect thin or thick lines super simple. Formulated to endure both hot and humid climate - this one's both summer and monsoon-friendly.

2. Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick 10 The Plum Diary (Vibrant Deep Berry)

An everyday ally in your many missions to save the world - The Plum Diary sports a deep berry tone that cuts through clutter and paparazzi with equal ease. Bold but not brazen - this vibrant shade is a great starting point for those looking to switch things up a little!

If you want the best of both worlds and love to have it all, then the SUGAR Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick is made just for you! Intensely pigmented and long-wearing with a baby-soft finish, its creamy texture effortlessly straddles the line between glossy and matte for an easy, everyday look. The high-colour payoff formula is loaded with Vitamin E that locks in both colour and moisture. A roll-on wonder that saves you from the hassle of prepping, priming and lining your lips – it’s all you need to quickly go from ‘Goddamn’ to ‘Goddess’. Free of mineral oil, lanoline and parabens. Full of vibrant colour that you’re sure to swoon over – try it out, today! 

How to Apply: Starting from the center of your upper lip, gently slide the lipstick outward towards the corners while paying attention to fill in the arches carefully. On the lower lip, start at one edge and follow the natural curve. Use a tissue to blot out any excess product. Reapply for a smoother and longer-lasting finish.

Benefits: The SUGAR Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick has a creamy, feather-light texture that spreads evenly on the lips. It glides on smoothly to create full lips with intense colour and rich coverage. Available in 11 vibrant, highly pigmented shades that are sure to become your everyday favourites.