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      01 brazen raisin (burgundy) 02 brink of pink (plum rose) 03 tan fan (mauve nude) 04 plum yum (muted plum) 05 rust lust (red terracotta) 06 tangerine queen (orange coral) 07 rethink pink (fuchsia) 08 wine and shine (sangria) 09 suave mauve (mauve) 10 drop dead red (red)

      Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick

      Rs. 329.00Rs. 499.00
      01 boldplay (cardinal pink) 02 red zeppelin (chilli red) 03 the grandberries (dark berry) 04 maroon vibe (dark red) 05 tan halen (chocolate brown) 06 spring crimson (crimson red) 07 peachwood mac (peach pink) 08 daft pink (deep pink) 09 the peach boys (midtoned peach with hints of red and brown) 10 depeach mode (peach)

      Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick

      Rs. 699.00
      01 lyra (cool toned plum) 02 vega (deep fuchsia) 03 estella (neutral pinky brown) 04 sirius (cherry red) 05 polaris (medium dark muted berry red) 06 electra (orange with hints of red) 07 bellatrix (mauve pink with brown undertones) 08 alcor (warm plum) 09 capella (dark plum) 10 mimosa (deep pinkish red with blue undertone)

      Mettle Liquid Lipstick

      Rs. 1,199.00
      01 love leader (dusty reddish pink) 02 amazonian (deep rose pink) 03 crime fighter (berry pink) 04 wild wonder (lightest coral peach) 05 love child (toned red) 06 ballerina belle (deep brown nude) 07 clay born (lilac brown) 08 world ruler (chilli red) 09 lasso keeper (bright orange) 10 legendary lass (deep wine)

      Wonder Woman Creamy Matte Lipstick

      Rs. 599.00
      01 warrior (orange red) 02 mystery (mauve) 03 majesty (fuschia pink) 04 power (coral pink/peach) 05 sass (reddish pink) 06 punch (bright magenta) 07 fervour (peachy nude brown) 08 paradise (rose pink nude) 09 justice (brown burgundy) 10 valour (pure red)

      Wonder Woman Everlasting Matte Lipstick

      Rs. 799.00
      01 dreamella (deep berry) 02 firezoid (orangish red) 03 bravedo (peach mauve) 04 gracia (raspberry pink) 05 dominatrix (reddish pink) 06 spunkwise (terracotta brown) 07 prodigy (peach pink) 08 pridester (deep chocolate brown) 09 gritlaza (brown toned nude) 10 vigourholic (mauve nude)

      Wonder Woman 24 HR Lip Lacquer

      Rs. 699.00