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01 scarlett o'hara (red)02 mary poppins (fuchsia)03 poison ivy (wine)04 holly golightly (nude)05 rose dawson (rose pink)06 coraline jones (orange coral)07 viola (mauve nude)08 jackie brown (reddish brown)09 princess peach (peach)10 cherry darling (cherry red)11 elle woods (brown nude)12 baby houseman (deep pink)13 murphy brown (chocolate burgundy)14 violet crawley (smokey violet)15 stephanie plum (plum mauve)16 claire underwood (burnt orange)17 brandy harrington (rusty reddish pink)18 rosalind (nude rose)19 emma woodhouse (earthy brown)20 buffy summers (mid-tone warm nude)21 rose tyler (light fuchsia/deep rose)22 donna pinciotti (magenta pink)23 jessica day (dusty coral)24 rachel berry (deep berry)25 lily aldrin (mauve pink)

Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick

Rs. 799.00
01 muslin mauve (mauve nude)02 plush pink (deep rose pink)03 velvet violet (dark raspberry)04 crêpe coral (peachy coral)05 poplin plum (blackened plum)06 taffeta terracotta (terracotta brown)07 tweed taupe (taupe rose)08 brocade burgundy (burgundy)09 felt fawn (beige nude)10 satin scarlet (red)11 rayon rose (brick rose / reddish pink)12 linen lilac (mauve)13 nylon nude (nude pink)14 tartan tangerine (orange with hints of red)15 fleece fuchsia (deep fuchsia)16 silk sangria (magenta purple)17 georgette grape (plum mauve)18 batiste berry (berry)19 terry tomato (bright red with hints of orange)20 chino chocolate (deep brown)

Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour

Rs. 799.00 Rs. 560.00
01 subtle island (muted brownish pink)02 dial m for magenta (deep magenta purple)03 the brown ultimatum (nude brown)04 revolutionary rose (rose pink)05 berry maguire (deep berry red)06 raisin helen (rose brown)07 mauve actually (deep mauve)08 jack peacher (peachy-apricot pink)09 a christmas coral (deep coral)10 the plum diary (vibrant deep berry)11 red poet's society (classic red)

Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 349.00