Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer

Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00

001 Purple Patch (Matte Purple)001 Purple Patch (Matte Purple)
002 Goodness Gray-cious! (Black Grey)002 Goodness Gray-cious! (Black Grey)
003 Burn Your Beiges (Beige)003 Burn Your Beiges (Beige)
004 Mauve Mountains (Dusty Pink)004 Mauve Mountains (Dusty Pink)
005 Blue-Blooded (Sapphire Blue)005 Blue-Blooded (Sapphire Blue)
007 Carpe Crème (Matte Nude Pink)007 Carpe Crème (Matte Nude Pink)
008 Purple in Paradise (Matte Maroon)008 Purple in Paradise (Matte Maroon)
009 Bowl of Berries (Marsala)009 Bowl of Berries (Marsala)
010 Grays of God (Lavender)010 Grays of God (Lavender)
011 Cream Come True (Brown Nude)011 Cream Come True (Brown Nude)
012 Pink Positive (Pink)012 Pink Positive (Pink)
013 Break On Blue (Matte Denim Blue)013 Break On Blue (Matte Denim Blue)
014 Purple Prose (Purple)014 Purple Prose (Purple)
015 Seal The Slate (Blue Grey)015 Seal The Slate (Blue Grey)
016 Coral Compass (Light Coral)016 Coral Compass (Light Coral)
017 Lilac Lustre (Pink Lilac)017 Lilac Lustre (Pink Lilac)
018 Bounce Black (Black Glitter)018 Bounce Black (Black Glitter)
019 Rambling Rose (Rose Gold Glitter)019 Rambling Rose (Rose Gold Glitter)
020 Set On Sapphire (Navy Blue Glitter)020 Set On Sapphire (Navy Blue Glitter)
021 Good As Gold (Mettalic Gold)021 Good As Gold (Mettalic Gold)
022 Silver Screen (Metallic Silver)022 Silver Screen (Metallic Silver)
023 Blush-A-Bye Baby (Matte Pastel Baby Pink)023 Blush-A-Bye Baby (Matte Pastel Baby Pink)
024 Bird's Eye Blue (Pastel Blue)024 Bird's Eye Blue (Pastel Blue)
025 Jack Of All Jades (Aqua Green)025 Jack Of All Jades (Aqua Green)
026 Beat The Blues (Matte Dusty Blue)026 Beat The Blues (Matte Dusty Blue)
027 Pinky Promise (Matte Hot Pink)027 Pinky Promise (Matte Hot Pink)
028 Green Is Good (Matte Olive Green)028 Green Is Good (Matte Olive Green)
029 Fuel The Fire (Bright Orange)029 Fuel The Fire (Bright Orange)
030 Purple Passion (Matte Pastel Lavender)030 Purple Passion (Matte Pastel Lavender)
031 Black In Business (Matte Jet Black)031 Black In Business (Matte Jet Black)
032 Mary Poppins (Matte Fuchsia)032 Mary Poppins (Matte Fuchsia)
033 Mad Magenta (Matte Magenta)033 Mad Magenta (Matte Magenta)
034 Breaking Bare (Matte Mauve Pink)034 Breaking Bare (Matte Mauve Pink)
035 The Big Bang Berry (Matte Wine)035 The Big Bang Berry (Matte Wine)
036 Holly Golightly (Matte Nude)036 Holly Golightly (Matte Nude)
037 Peachy Little Liars (Matte Nude Pink)037 Peachy Little Liars (Matte Nude Pink)
038 Coraline In The City (Orange Coral)038 Coraline In The City (Orange Coral)
039 Bold As Brass (Metallic Brass)039 Bold As Brass (Metallic Brass)
040 Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper)040 Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper)
041 Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple)041 Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple)
042 Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold)042 Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold)
043 Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green)043 Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green)
044 Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue)044 Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue)
045 Fawn Forever (Medium Tan Beige)045 Fawn Forever (Medium Tan Beige)
046 To Taupe It All (Taupe Brown)046 To Taupe It All (Taupe Brown)
047 Tan About Town (Metallic Matte Yellow Brown)047 Tan About Town (Metallic Matte Yellow Brown)
048 Chestnut To The Chase (Berry Based Matte Brown)048 Chestnut To The Chase (Berry Based Matte Brown)
049 Toast Of The Town (Dark Chocolate)049 Toast Of The Town (Dark Chocolate)
050 Bridal Brown (Brown With Glimmering Colours)050 Bridal Brown (Brown With Glimmering Colours)
051 Social Sepia (Golden Brown Glitter)051 Social Sepia (Golden Brown Glitter)
052 Brass Balls (Copper Chrome)052 Brass Balls (Copper Chrome)
053 Bow Brown (Deep Taupe Matte)053 Bow Brown (Deep Taupe Matte)
054 Show Of Sands (Beige Liquid Sand)054 Show Of Sands (Beige Liquid Sand)
055 Brick by Brick (Yellow Red)055 Brick by Brick (Yellow Red)
056 Cherry Jane (Pink Red)056 Cherry Jane (Pink Red)
057 Red of Roses (Red)057 Red of Roses (Red)
058 Scarlett O'Hara (Matte Red)058 Scarlett O'Hara (Matte Red)
059 Merlot the Merrier (Wine Red)059 Merlot the Merrier (Wine Red)
060 Cherry Christmas (Crimson Red)060 Cherry Christmas (Crimson Red)
061 Rise from the Red (Red Foil)061 Rise from the Red (Red Foil)
062 Peacher Perfect (Pastel Peach Pink)062 Peacher Perfect (Pastel Peach Pink)
063 Mint Money (Pastel Green)063 Mint Money (Pastel Green)
064 Pop The Purple (Pastel Lavender)064 Pop The Purple (Pastel Lavender)
065 Blue-eyed Boy (Pastel Blue)065 Blue-eyed Boy (Pastel Blue)
066 Sunny Side Up (Pastel Yellow)066 Sunny Side Up (Pastel Yellow)
067 Fan the Flame (Pastel Orange)067 Fan the Flame (Pastel Orange)
068 Lust for Lime (Lime Green)068 Lust for Lime (Lime Green)
069 Graduation Grey (Pastel Grey)069 Graduation Grey (Pastel Grey)
070 Blushing Blow (Pastel Pink)070 Blushing Blow (Pastel Pink)
071 Mustard Memory (Mustard Yellow)071 Mustard Memory (Mustard Yellow)
072 Bring Black to Life (Black with multicolor shimmer)072 Bring Black to Life (Black with multicolor shimmer)
073 Punch Pine (Emerald Green with shimmer)073 Punch Pine (Emerald Green with shimmer)
074 Beauty with Bronze (Deep Bronze with shimmer)074 Beauty with Bronze (Deep Bronze with shimmer)
075 Golden Green (Seaweed green with shimmer)075 Golden Green (Seaweed green with shimmer)
076 Black Burner (Black gold with shimmer)076 Black Burner (Black gold with shimmer)
Rs. 249.00 Rs. 125.00
Complimentary Matte Lipstick worth Rs 499 on a purchase of Rs 999/- or Above.