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      01 back to black 02 purple rain (purple) 03 green light (green) 04 blue suede shoes (royal blue) 05 black magic (black with silver glitter) 06 blue skies (dark blue/navy blue) 07 peacock (peacock green/velvet green) 08 brown eyed girl (walnut brown)

      Stroke Of Genius Heavy-Duty Kohl

      Rs. 299.00Rs. 499.00
      01 penelope peachstop (peach) 02 velma pinkley (pink nude) 03 mellow kitty (deep peach nude) 04 peppy hill (bright fuchsia) 05 elektra (bright orange red) 06 she-rad (dark red) 07 berry cooper (plum red) 08 berryda (deep berry with cool undertone) 09 teaker bell (walnut brown) 10 princess aurora (golden beige with shimmer)

      Time To Shine Lip Gloss

      Rs. 499.00
      01 jerry brown (dark brown) 04 felix onyx (black)

      Arch Arrival Brow Powder

      Rs. 499.00