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01 lyra (cool toned plum)02 vega (deep fuchsia)03 estella (neutral pinky brown)04 sirius (cherry red)05 polaris (medium dark muted berry red)06 electra (orange with hints of red)07 bellatrix (mauve pink with brown undertones)08 alcor (warm plum)09 capella (dark plum)10 mimosa (deep pinkish red with blue undertone)11 rigel (rusty orange)12 talitha (bright magenta with red undertones)

Mettle Liquid Lipstick

Rs. 1,199.00
05 blonde latte (light shade with neutral undertone)07 vanilla latte (light shade with golden undertone)10 latte (light, warm undertone)15 cappuccino (light shade with cool undertone)20 galão (light-medium, golden undertone)30 chococcino (medium, warm undertone)40 breve (medium beige, warm undertone)45 con panna (medium beige, golden undertone)50 mocha (medium tan, golden undertone)55 americano (medium-deep, warm undertone)

Power Clay SPF20 BB Cushion

Rs. 1,099.00
10 latte (light, warm undertone)15 cappuccino (light, cool undertone)17 raf (light, golden undertone)27 vienna (light medium, warm undertone)32 cortado (medium, golden undertone)37 freddo (medium beige, golden peach undertone)42 glace (medium beige, golden undertone)50 mocha (medium tan, golden undertone)52 corretto (tan, yellow undertone)60 lungo (medium deep, golden undertone)

Drop The Base Serum Foundation

Rs. 899.00 Rs. 450.00