Mini Liquid Lipstick Set - Fighter

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We, women, are strong, confident and effortlessly shatter stereotypes every day. From being an inspiration to our close ones and compassionate to strangers who cross paths with us, we effortlessly embrace being what we are - the best! Our flaws, struggles and fears are what makes us all so different and special in our own way. That kind of beauty is just meant to be appreciated and we are glad we have it in us to seek what truly defines us, as personalities. So, when it comes to celebrating a day dedicated to ourselves or thousands of our fabulous, awesome sisters (women) why settle for a mundane gift? Treat yourself to something that’s a reflection of who you are. To all the women who are fearless, adventurous, fighters or invincible, we’ve got something super special and fun for you. This Women's Day, SUGAR presents a fabulous limited-edition lipstick mini set that complements your persona to the max!

Embrace the jazz that our limited edition SUGAR Mini Liquid Lipstick Sets deliver to your pout and personality. Have your pick from these customizable, travel-friendly coffret sets that come as sleek and super stylish boxes, featuring ultra-cool packaging boasting of 4 powerful illustrations that depict personas in their truest sense! They carefully house four of our bestselling Smudge Me Not Liquid Mini Lipsticks in swoon-worthy shades of your choice that are sure to match every mood, occasion and ensemble.

SUGAR Mini Liquid Lipstick Set (Black) for the Unbeatable Divas!

If you’re a tough cookie who isn’t fazed by conflicts, who always goes after what you want, whether it’s the big promotion you deserve, an A+ on your assignment or acing that stunning makeup look you saw on a runway model, then sweetheart, you’re a true fighter! And to complement this bold and fierce personality, we have just the right treat for you.

Behold this slick mini lipstick set that comes along with our bestselling Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks (mini version) in a black coffret box that is as powerful and mysterious as you are!

This customized set comes with four mini liquid lipsticks in vibrant shades that you can choose from. Just a single swipe of this one-coat wonder is enough to lend full coverage and excellent colour payoff. These liquid lipsticks are cult-favourites owing to their long-lasting formula and all-day comfortable wear. Moreover, the classy, travel-friendly black box is super stylish and just so right for carrying makeup and applying it on-the-go.

So, if you find this mini lipstick set in black exuding the same fighter spirit as you are, make it yours and flaunt like a true boss-babe.

What does the set include:

- Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks Mini (select any 4 shades of your choice) - (1.1 ml each)
- Elegant and sleek black coffret box with bold bubblegum pink sleeve to match your fighting spirit!

What makes this lipstick set a must-have!

- It comes with 4 mini lipsticks from our incredible, bestselling range - Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick
- The lipstick shades are stunning, vivid and work perfectly for all occasions and moods!
- The formula is long-wearing, transfer-proof and enriched with goodness of vitamin E; also it's cruelty-free
- They come cased in a cool, travel-friendly coffret box that is perfect for storing and carrying makeup
- It also makes for a great gift for someone who you think is has the same unbeatable, fighter spirit as you!

Maximum Retail Price: Rs.999 (incl. all taxes)

Country of Origin: India
Company Name: Viva Cosmetics
Company Address: A/19 G4 Happy Valley, Nr Tikujiniwadi, Manpada, Thane W - 400610.

SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick: Isododecane, Dimethicone & Isododecane & Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Cyclopentasiloxane & Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Propyl Paraben, Propylene Carbonate, Vitamin - E, Fragrance, Approved Colours.

- Your favorite liquid lip colour always goes on better after exfoliating and applying a hydrating lip balm of your choice.
- Now you are ready to apply your favourite Liquid Lipstick. Fill in lips starting from the corner of the mouth and move up toward your cupid’s bow for a defined pout.
- With a thin brush, apply concealer around the outer edge of lips to clean them up. Accentuate cupid’s bow with a highlighter. If you’re going for an ultra shiny lip, apply lip gloss.