Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick

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01 Brazen Raisin (Burgundy)01 Brazen Raisin (Burgundy)
02 Brink Of Pink (Plum Rose)02 Brink Of Pink (Plum Rose)
03 Tan Fan (Mauve Nude)03 Tan Fan (Mauve Nude)
04 Plum Yum (Muted Plum)04 Plum Yum (Muted Plum)
05 Rust Lust (Red Terracotta)05 Rust Lust (Red Terracotta)
06 Tangerine Queen (Orange Coral)06 Tangerine Queen (Orange Coral)
07 Rethink Pink (Fuchsia)07 Rethink Pink (Fuchsia)
08 Wine And Shine (Sangria)08 Wine And Shine (Sangria)
09 Suave Mauve (Mauve)09 Suave Mauve (Mauve)
10 Drop Dead Red (Red)10 Drop Dead Red (Red)
11 Greige Rage (Greige Rose)11 Greige Rage (Greige Rose)
12 Don Fawn (Yellow Brown)12 Don Fawn (Yellow Brown)
13 Wooed By Nude (Peach Nude)13 Wooed By Nude (Peach Nude)
14 Teak Mystique (Warm Brown)14 Teak Mystique (Warm Brown)
15 Blush Rush (Pale Pink)15 Blush Rush (Pale Pink)
16 Bare Flair (Rose Brown)16 Bare Flair (Rose Brown)
17 Fiery Berry (Marsala)17 Fiery Berry (Marsala)
18 Divine Praline (Dusty Burgundy)18 Divine Praline (Dusty Burgundy)
19 Jet Set Violet (Magenta Purple)19 Jet Set Violet (Magenta Purple)
20 Cocoa Ammo (Mocha Brown)20 Cocoa Ammo (Mocha Brown)
21 Aubergine Queen (Blackened Burgundy)21 Aubergine Queen (Blackened Burgundy)
22 Mia Sangria (Purple Pink)22 Mia Sangria (Purple Pink)
23 Merry Berry (Dark Plum)23 Merry Berry (Dark Plum)
24 Vivid Orchid (Bright Orchid)24 Vivid Orchid (Bright Orchid)
25 Very Mulberry (Deep Berry)25 Very Mulberry (Deep Berry)
26 Rose Repose (Peach Pink)26 Rose Repose (Peach Pink)
27 Brown Crown (Plum Brown)27 Brown Crown (Plum Brown)
28 Trusty Rusty (Rust Red)28 Trusty Rusty (Rust Red)
29 Scarlet Starlet (Orange Red)29 Scarlet Starlet (Orange Red)
30 Peony Genie (Medium Pink)30 Peony Genie (Medium Pink)
31 Carmine Shine (Metallic Bright Red)31 Carmine Shine (Metallic Bright Red)
32 Brass Class (Deep Bronze Brown)32 Brass Class (Deep Bronze Brown)
33 Amethyst Twist (Metallic Plum)33 Amethyst Twist (Metallic Plum)
34 Merlot Glow (Metallic Burgundy)34 Merlot Glow (Metallic Burgundy)
35 Radiant Currant (Metallic Burnt Red)35 Radiant Currant (Metallic Burnt Red)
37 Hot Apricot (Peachy Nude)37 Hot Apricot (Peachy Nude)
38 Dose Of Rose (Rosy Mauve)38 Dose Of Rose (Rosy Mauve)
39 Pink Sync (Rosy Magenta)39 Pink Sync (Rosy Magenta)
40 Fuchsia Fantasia (Fuschia Plum)40 Fuchsia Fantasia (Fuschia Plum)
41 Gotta Terracotta (Burnt Orange)41 Gotta Terracotta (Burnt Orange)
42 Toast Roast (Deep Reddish Brown)42 Toast Roast (Deep Reddish Brown)
43 Hot Shot (Hot Pink/Dark Fuchsia Pink)43 Hot Shot (Hot Pink/Dark Fuchsia Pink)
44 Preach Peach (Peach Pink)44 Preach Peach (Peach Pink)
45 Grape Drape (Deep Mauve with hints of Purple)45 Grape Drape (Deep Mauve with hints of Purple)
46 Rad Red (Orange Toned Red)46 Rad Red (Orange Toned Red)
47 Pink Ink (Deep Pink)47 Pink Ink (Deep Pink)
48 Violet Bullet (Violet Red)48 Violet Bullet (Violet Red)
49 Nude Mood (Brown Nude with pink undertone)49 Nude Mood (Brown Nude with pink undertone)
50 Dandy Candy (Pinkish Red)50 Dandy Candy (Pinkish Red)
51 Fine Wine (Burgundy Red)51 Fine Wine (Burgundy Red)
52 Modern Auburn (Flamenco Red/Deep Red with blue undertone)52 Modern Auburn (Flamenco Red/Deep Red with blue undertone)
Rs. 499.00
Complimentary SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick On a Purchase of Rs 999/- or Above.

If you've ever lusted for a "one-coat wonder" product for your lips, your search ends here. Get a full-blooded burst of pigment with just a single swipe of the SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick that will stay the day and right up till the night! Wine, coffee & date-proof - this is a matte lipstick that is guaranteed to last longer than your longest day. Available in 52 stunning shades that will make it difficult to choose - the question is, are you ready to commit to a lipstick that is built to last?

  • Looking to announce every entry of yours without saying a word? Up your lip game to bold burgundy with the Brazen Raisin shade that's as addictive as it is badass!

  • Raring to have a carefully careless day with your BFFs where good times aren't measured by the hour? Sport Brink of Pink with its dusty mauve hue to amp up the smile on your lips and the laughter in your heart!

  • A fan of deep-toned taupe that defines the timeless nude of the 90s? Get your hands on Tan Fan with its muted brown and pink that will give you the perfect look to pair with smokey eyes!

  • Crafting an elegant look that blends the artistic with the stylish? Embrace the mild tones of Plum Yum whose muted berry shade with its immortal appeal is bound to weave an aura of grace around you.

  • Walk into every room like you own it with Rust Lust - a terracotta red shade that strikes a delicate balance between the reds and the browns to make your pout stand out without a hint of doubt.

  • Scale new peaks with the unapologetically bold Tangerine Queen! Pair this vibrant orange coral shade with your favourite dress and you'll make a statement that few will dare to disagree with.

  • Ready to flaunt a pop of colour to inspire cheer in all around you? Swatch Rethink Pink on your lips - a warm red fuchsia that combines the bright with the bold to create a look that's inimitably beautiful.

  • A hat-tip to the glamour and luxury of the '20s Gatsby era - raise a toast to Wine and Shine if you fancy a deep violet berry shade that is a vintage classic and an instant hit!

  • Love to sport a Hollywood-inspired look that blends the sophisticated with the subtle? Choose the popular Suave Mauve with its neutral purple-pink shade that's a time-tested everyday classic!

  • A showstopper red that will never go out of style - Drop Dead Red is your weapon of choice if you're ready to make a statement wherever you go and a bold one at that!

  • Ready to amp your look from ordinary to extraordinary? Add the unexpected with the grunge vibe of Greige Rage – a shade that struts the line between dusty rose and tawny beige with inimitable ease!

  • Need brown lips on point for a day that packs in both work and play? Don Fawn is your go-to shade this season - with its cocoa hue and yellow undertone, it'll surely keep you floored and with good reason!

  • A peach nude shade that will give you a gorgeous yet understated lip - Wooed by Nude lets you explore the calmer side of orange while playing the perfect companion to a killer eye look!

  • Looking for a warm brown shade to complement gorgeous glowing skin? Make no mistake with Teak Mystique - a warm brown shade that find a permanent place in your trousseau and on your lips!

  • When the superhero in you is out to slay all night and all day, there can be only one weapon of choice - Blush Rush. A single swipe of this versatile pink is all you need to make the world a better place!

  • Still easing your way into the brown lips trend? Surrender to Bare Flair! With its nude pink hue and brown undertones, this makeup must-have is an irreplaceable shade for the romantic in you.

  • When you're a pro at mixing the subtle with the seductive into one heady cocktail of style, Fiery Berry will always be the number you will dial! One classic marsala. Every lipstick lover's dream

  • Classic red? Not quite. Outrageous purple? Not quite. An exotic punch of both? That's right! Drench your lips with Divine Praline and let them know that you're ready to take the world by storm.

  • You really can't mind the attention you get when you're flaunting Jet Set Violet! One for the times when you're feeling your fiercest best, this magenta purple defines bold like no other shade.

  • For all days you're busy pairing the best coffee with the darkest chocolate, trust Cocoa Ammo to build the perfect daytime vibe that is unmistakably bold and not a shade too dark!

  • If you've got a soft corner for raw power, we dare you to surrender to Aubergine Queen! A blackened burgundy shade that breaks all bad - this is one unapologetic ode to your inner Diva.

  • Spend a day in the sun with Mia Sangria on your lips! A gorgeous peppy shade that blends purple and pink with a hint of red to deliver a cocktail of awesome like nothing you've experienced before.

  • Add a dash of the devious to your daily adventures with Merry Berry! A matchless medium dark plum shade - say hello to the perfect companion for all your crazy shenanigans.

  • It's finally here - the perfect pop to the picture-perfect pucker! Get out there and rule the roost with Vivid Orchid as you champion this bright bold hue of violet like a boss.

  • Tempted to mix up the chic and classic? What you're looking for is Very Mulberry! An über deep hue of berry and red - this one will put all other trousseau favourites on the backburner.

  • Subtle meets sexy in this sublime blend of peach and pink. A stunner that lights up a range of looks from classic day to chic night - Rose Repose is a shade of many talents.

  • Battle the conventional with one single swipe of Brown Crown. An extraordinary shade of blackened plum brown - this one is designed to make your darkest fantasy look plain vanilla.

  • When you do the classics, you gotta do it right. Dress your pout in this show-stopping shade of red with Trusty Rusty - a uniquely familiar rust red that makes a statement in itself.

  • A lovechild of classic red and fiery lava - Scarlet Starlet, with its orange undertone, is a sensational shade that guarantees you a gaggle of fans on every single occasion.

  • Sashay effortlessly from traditional to trendy with a dash of the medium pink wonder that Peony Genie is. A proven favourite with smokey eyes - this one is just so easy to fall in love with!

  • Go Divine with Carmine Shine! Add a twist to classic red lips look with a punch of dazzle with this bright metallic red shade. Swipe it on to light up the darkest of the nights.

  • Bring the house down with Brass Class. A Deep Bronze Brown shade that gleams with elegance and style. Cover your lips in this chocolate glitter and watch them watch your lips do all the talking!

  • Irradiate your night with the bold lustre of Amethyst Twist. A vivid metallic plum alloy of radiance and vibrancy, this shade is a lavish display of class, power and everything else they can only wish for.

  • Merlot Glow beams with brilliance. A phenomenal burgundy shade with metallic finish that radiates power and passion - every single swipe of this unmatchable shade is a win.

  • Cast a aura of glory and envy with Radiant Currant. A metallic burnt blackened red shade that is infused with all the sparkling elements of the galaxy - this gothic shade is just what your unconventionally glamorous self craves.

  • Electric and enticing in equal measure - there is never a dull moment with Pink Clink. A stunning metallic rose gold shade that befits only the rarest of sheen queens. Swipe it on and get ready to rule.

  • Be all sorts of stop and stare with the classy yet powerful Hot Apricot - the perfect blend of subtle nude and peppy peach to slay the day with grit and grace.

  • Plump your pucker with the heady Dose of Rose - a careful pop of soft rose with a dazzle of mauve, your BFF brunch dates now have a new topic of discussion!

  • Be your own Prom Queen with the brilliance of Pink Sync - a radiant blend of royal rose and majestic magenta that will bring out the bubbly in you like none other!

  • People may stare but they will never dare once you've donned the superpowers of Fuchsia Fantasia! A flattering union of plum and pink, this is all you need to stride out and seize the day!

  • Grace in your heart but fire in your soul? Embrace the feisty and fearless hues of Gotta Terracotta - an inimitable burnt orange that will draw them to you like a moth to flame.

  • Raise a toast to the rebel in you with the Toast Roast! A divine concoction of this rich rustic reddish brown lets you be your bomb-ass self and slay the day away!

  • Don the blazing vibe of Hot Shot to walk with an air of confidence and authority– an evocative hot pink shade that stays true to its name and makes you strut like one.

  • Practice what you preach and you better preach pretty. The gorgeous peach pink hue of Preach Peach strides between the aura that’s chic and sophisticated.
  • For all the times that your lips have craved for a berry relish, Grape Drape with its deep mauve tone and hints of purple, is here to deliver ultimate satisfaction.
  • A scintillating and a stunning deflection from the usual red lip colour fads – Rad Red, with its orange toned red shade tops the ‘Oh! So sultry’ pout charts.
  • The deep pink colour with the deadly potential to be the mainstay of all fashionistas – Pink Ink with its brilliant pigment is the only splash of ink you want on your lips.
  • No one shies away from the exotic shot of colour that is Violet Bullet. One look at its tantalizing violet red tone, and you will take a bullet to heart happily.
  • A brown nude shade with pink undertones warming it just enough to get you in the mood – Nude Mood is the ultimate keeper in your stash… and your hearts.
  • An unapologetic marvellous colour that falls between classic red and pink – it’s no wonder the best lip candy in town is the Dandy Candy.
  • Become a wine connoisseur as you drench your lips with the sophistication of Fine Wine – a deep burgundy red hue that stands a class apart.
  • The vivacious concoction of deep flamenco red with blue undertones draws the crowds like none other. Modern Auburn is as cult as it gets.

How to Apply: For precise application, apply it to your bottom lip first and then tend to your upper lip. Since the formula is very pigmented, we suggest applying the colour to the bottom lip first, pressing your lips together and then filling in your Cupid’s bow.Purse your lips together to enhance shine.

Benefits: The SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick gives you opaque pigmentation with a single swipe that stays all day with zero feathering or fading. Our favourite mattifying fix contains a generous helping of Vitamin E and comes in a full range of 52 gorgeous shades that is guaranteed to make your OOTDs stand out.

Additional Details: The SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick is available in 52 gorgeous shades viz., 01 Brazen Raisin02 Brink Of Pink03 Tan Fan04 Plum Yum05 Rust Lust06 Tangerine Queen, 07 Rethink Pink08 Wine And Shine09 Suave Mauve10 Drop Dead Red11 Greige Rage12 Don Fawn13 Wooed By Nude14 Teak Mystique15 Blush Rush16 Bare Flair17 Fiery Berry18 Divine Praline19 Jet Set Violet, 20 Cocoa Ammo21 Aubergine Queen22 Mia Sangria23 Merry Berry24 Vivid Orchid, 25 Very Mulberry26 Rose Repose27 Brown Crown28 Trusty Rusty29 Scarlet Starlet30 Peony Genie31 Carmine Shine, 32 Brass Class, 33 Amethyst Twist, 34 Merlot Glow, 35 Radiant Currant, 36 Pink Clink, 37 Hot Apricot38 Dose Of Rose39 Pink Sync40 Fuchsia Fantasia41 Gotta Terracotta42 Toast Roast, 43 Hot Shot, 44 Preach Peach, 45 Grape Drape, 46 Rad Red, 47 Pink Ink, 48 Violet Bullet, 49 Nude Mood, 50 Dandy Candy, 51 Fine Wine and 52 Modern Auburn. This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.

Net Volume: 4.5 ml.

List of Ingredients: Isododecane, Dimethicone & Isododecane & Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Cyclopentasiloxane & Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Propyl Paraben, Propylene Carbonate, Vitamin - E, Fragrance, Approved colours.

MRP: 499.00 – Rs. 549.00 (incl. all taxes)

Country of Origin: India

Company Name: Viva Cosmetics.

Company Address: A/19 G4 Happy Valley, Nr Tikujiniwadi, Manpada, Thane W - 400610.

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